Tangkoko Nature Reserve
The Tangkoko Nature Reserve is a flora and fauna conservation area, covering about 3.000 hectares, in the province of North Sulawesi.
In the park one can view Tarsius tarsier (one of the smallest known primates), black tailless monkeys, maleo birds, wild pigs and kuskus (marsupials).
The classic tour lasts two / three hours and takes place in the afternoon: it is recommended to occupy the afternoon before the return flight. Depending on weather conditions, the park is reached by boat (just 10 minutes) or by car (about 50 minutes).
Excursion is easy and suitable for people of any age.
The visit is led by a park ranger.

There are some tips:
1) Dress appropriately. Wear light clothing with long sleeves and pants prevent scratches and insect bites. Use insect repellent.
2) Carry good binoculars and camera (24-105mm lens is enough to get good results, except for birds).
3) Go slowly, quietly and in small groups (no more than 5) so animals will be less likely to be disturbed by your presence.

Tangkoko photo gallery

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